Rangers fan shock after coach ‘does a runner’…

Rangers fan shock after coach ‘does a runner’…
What on earth is he doing there....?

Rangers fans have reacted with understandable bewilderment at striker coach Jermain Defoe’s appearance on Sky Sports today as pundit for Man Utd Liverpool.

The striker, who has absolutely zero connection with either of these sides, would normally have been in Rangers’ dugout for a domestic fixture, but instead has taken leave of absence and travelled south to Manchester.

It’s a puzzling one alright – he’s paid by the club to be our coach, and quite honestly we can’t fathom a single legitimate reason as to why his opinion on Ole Gunner Solskjaer is more important than his coaching the club on the day of a critical must-win match.

We have felt a distancing of Defoe from the club ever since he effectively hung up his boots, and this move has been greeted with incredulity from some quarters as well.

Not just the fact that maybe he should have been in Paisley for a giant game like today’s was, but that the match he’s working on has zero connection to his own career, and the best accreditation graphic they could put under his name was his career goals scored in the PL.

It’s a very odd one.

Answers on a postcard.

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