Opposition tributes for Smith roll in as trolls disappear

Opposition tributes for Smith roll in as trolls disappear
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 20: Walter Smith, manager of Rangers with the winners trophy during the Co-operative Insurance Cup final between at Hampden Park on March 20, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

It is rare, in fact borderline never, that a figure in Scottish football passes away and everyone pays tribute. Such is the toxicity of Scottish football that there’s always one troll, one moron saying something unpleasant for attention, and souring the tributes.

In all of the comments we’ve seen for Walter Smith, we have seen literally only respect, sadness and honour.

Not a single troll saying something nasty.

This is the esteem Walter Smith is held in by the game up here, that not a single Aberdeen or Celtic troll has appeared to say something unkind, and every single comment is laced with respect, sympathies and tributes for a great man.

This is simply unheard of, this is beyond unique.

You might say that anyone saying something nasty can kindly ‘do one’, and you’d be right – but the reality is no one has even come close.

It’s all tributes and a celebration of his life, with countless opposition fans heralding him affectionately as a manager they couldn’t stand because he was just so good and broke their hearts.

There is no bigger honour for an Old Firm man than to be honoured by his opposition in this way, and Walter Smith transcends that rivalry.

We have lost a truly remarkable man, a man who touched everyone’s life, and his dignity, grace and charm went so far that it appears not a soul has even got just a neutral word to say.

A true legend, and we will miss him.

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  1. I’ve sat for hours trying to think of appropriate words to sum up Walter Smith. I failed. There are no words. Walter is a bona fide Rangers legend. Here’s a man who never kicked a ball for Rangers but he is as big a legend as any player who ever did. Here’s a man who understood what being a Rangers man meant. Here’s a man who understood respect for your club and your opponent, a man who always acted with class and dignity. Not just because he was representing Rangers but simply because that’s who he was. Walter will be sadly missed. The world is a worse place today for his absence. RIP Walter. One of us!

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