Morelos stunner as striker COMMITS long term to Rangers

Morelos stunner as striker COMMITS long term to Rangers
Football - 2021 / 2022 Scottish Premier League - Glasgow Rangers vs Celtic - Ibrox Stadium - Sunday 29th August 2021 Alfredo Morelos of Rangers during the warm up PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos has delivered his first-ever commitment to long term tenure at Ibrox in a shock change from 4 years of saying he wants to leave.

The 25-year old has been on record since early 2018 as seeking the PL in England or indeed a better league period, but speaking for his homeland, the former HJK man has completely ripped that up and stated he now wants to remain at Ibrox for the long term.

He said:

“I feel that unconditional support [from fans], they love me a lot, they cheer my name at every game in every stadium. As a player, this motivates me to keep working, keep playing well and to want to stay playing there for years to come.”

Tie me up with barbed wire and call me Frank if this isn’t the first time since he’s joined that he’s suggested staying at Rangers and showing commitment to the club.

We are quite surprised and stunned to see these quotes, which have been translated from his native Spanish.

Now of course, a note of caution – there was a massive outcry a couple of years ago over a mistranslation from one of his interviews, so we do urge a little wariness.

But if this translation is accurate, Morelos has finally committed effectively his career to Rangers.

Well, in intention anyway – money still talks.

Either way, wonder what changed…

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  1. SG, if you are reading, allow the Buff to to get his angry head back and reach 200 goals for the famous, this little girly Alfie is no good, simples

  2. Call me cynical but he’s says this when he’s playing the worst since he came…would he be saying the same if he was banging the goals in and some of his fancied clubs were making real noises?

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