Silence from Parkhead as Celtic disaster played down amidst press attacks on Rangers

Silence from Parkhead as Celtic disaster played down amidst press attacks on Rangers
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Amidst the 5m messages Ibrox Noise gets a day from Celtic fans telling us we’re skint, and that our accounts are in the red, we’re shocked to see silence today as Parkhead’s finest post their own £12.5M loss and confirm they too are looking at crimson.

Now, before you ask, yes, they’ve made fortunes from big sales in Tierney, Dembele, Ajer and Edouard, but they have also wasted tens of millions too, especially £20M this summer, so it’s not exactly all rosy for them financially either.

And we also had to laugh at the DR and BBC’s angle, of trying to reduce the severity of the loss by posting the pre-tax numbers of £11.5M rather than the full amount.

No, it’s nearly £13M and while we won’t say our financial situation is sparkling, that the media are playing down their own calamities tells you everything about how eager the press are to belittle Rangers at every chance.

So yes, we’re very surprised indeed that no Celtic fans have been messaging today to tell us we’re broke, because while we wouldn’t claim to be rich, their own house is far from in order.

In fact, this is probably the most farcical Celtic since Barnes, and that’s not even an exaggeration.

Losing on and off the pitch, Celtic are a complete basket case, so while Rangers aren’t stunning on the pitch and the presentation of the flag was, frankly, a disgrace, nevertheless if we had to pick, we’d choose our situation over theirs any day.

And we’ll always be blue no matter what.

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  1. I didn’t expect their figures to be exhulted from the roof of the breeze block green dome. They will squirmingly slip in the Ajer and Edward sales next year and look rosy. Bent press and media will always look to belittle the Famous it’s how it is. It’s very amusing to see the loss and also the garbage they have bought too. We are not better off in real terms but we do have a couple of saleable players , whom we do need to move on for the improvement of the whole team. Onwards 56.

  2. Well said Ibrox Noise, but I would also like to add that with the exception of McGregor and maybe Turnbull they don’t have any players whom they could sell on for big money. They’re going to be in even bigger bother this time next year IF we win 56

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