Rangers pull off giant coup as new deal secured

Rangers pull off giant coup as new deal secured
We're in safe hands with this chap, second from right...

We didn’t cover this one when it was announced, but once again marketing genius James Bisgrove has pulled off an incredible coup by securing an exclusive deal with one of the UK’s biggest takeaway providers in Uber Eats.

Let’s not underestimate the gravity of this deal – Bisgrove has just brought the colossal distribution giant into Scottish football exclusively to Ibrox, only months after the giants of Ligue 1 in France got the same company as their sponsor.

No, this one really is a big deal – this is not your local takeaway sponsoring the club, this is one of the top 3 global giants for fast food deliveries, who previously sponsored one of the biggest leagues in Europe, now arriving at Ibrox, literally.

While performances on the pitch have not been magical this season, sources of revenue like this are absolutely vital to provide long-term growth and sustainability and get the club eventually properly in the black.

And the more huge companies Bisgrove can bring in, like Uber Eats, like Coca Cola, like Unibet, like Konami and so on and so forth, the more that will follow and keep the revenue flowing in.

Uber Eats are huge, and companies like that endorsing our club are absolutely the way forward.

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    • Spot Robrob57 we see the accounts at business year end but the clarity is hidden most times. Id liked to see a breakdown on how much we actually make .

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