Journalists targeted as Rangers fight back over bigotry

Journalists targeted as Rangers fight back over bigotry
The scandal deepens.....

Rangers supporters have well and truly waged war on journalists after a national red top went for the ‘historical tweets’ angle.

Recently, a tabloid went for Rangers’ fan groups, exposing historically questionable tweets in order to target ‘naughty’ behaviour. Pundits like Michael Stewart demanded Rangers make a statement on the discoveries.

But the groups got their own back as they fought fire with fire:

Let those without sin cast the first stone, as the old saying goes, and the rag in question has certainly not got a squeaky clean past, with plenty of its own employees attacking Rangers in a bigoted, sectarian, racist and indeed sexist manner.

We’re quite sure the Scottish government will take these journalists to task and demand their employer sacks them, of course (!)

The reality is the paper in question, like so many other UK tabloids, digs dirt and cares not for the consequences. But maybe now they will.

If you have a past of naughty behaviour, it’s best not to slate others for the same thing.

That sounds like hypocrisy.

And you might just lose your job.

Just a thought…

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  1. Great comeback from the Rangers fans. That kind of cheap shoddy journalism is typical of what has always gone on without any repercussions from anyone. We know who the insecure and paranoid bigots , sexists and racists are and what camp they belong to. I’m sure as you say the SNP jokers wiil get after it …not a f,,in chance

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