Clarke announcement may put pressure on Stevie G

Clarke announcement may put pressure on Stevie G
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Steve Clarke has, it seems, if we believe him, confirmed Nathan Patterson will be first choice RB going forward, in a statement which seems to suggest the NT coach has finally relented on his stubbornness in ditching the useless Stephen O’Donnell and replacing him with the far superior version.

Patterson, who had a convincing game at RM/RB v Moldova, faces a battle with James Tavernier and Steven Gerrard’s stubbornness where it comes to Rangers, which could affect his Scotland place down the line as well, but for now, he’s cracked the nut of Clarke and got his slot.

“He gave us good energy going forward, almost got his first goal in his first start for his country, but fortunately Dykesy was in the right place to knock it over the line. He gives you good energy up and down the line, good quality, good passer of the ball. He tired a bit in the second half, but he showed good maturity to sit in his position. He can defend well and is good going forward. A big player for us going forward and a big player for us now.”

In short, ‘aye, he’s a player, and ok, I had to give in on this one’.

It’s no more than Patterson deserves, but none of this would have happened but for Covid forcing Gerrard to use him last season, otherwise Patterson would still be on Rangers’ bench or some Championship side’s first team.

Of course, he still is on our bench, but Gerrard is going to have to seriously reconsider his thinking.

Patterson cannot remain benched – a rising star international and he can’t get a game over Tavernier?

Even Clarke has finally caved. Will Gerrard?

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