Rangers threatened by one-week swing peril

Rangers threatened by one-week swing peril
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One week. That’s all it took. One week for every ounce of superiority and momentum to swing from Ibrox to Parkhead.

We absolutely pled with the regime not to rest on 55, to wake up from the hangover and fight harder than ever to earn 56. We begged the players to work like dogs, the management to refresh ideas and ensure we did not fall into the Liverpool trap of arrogance and complacency.

One reader posted today that the gold kit was a damning indictment of our ego, a huge display of hubris and a horrendous error.

We can’t disagree. Yes, we know it was for the 150th anniversary, but equally, a glut of fans argued it should have been back to the old 1872 kit, our blue hoops. Would have made more sense than a blingy shirt.

We got slaughtered for saying this club was heading into Liverpool territory. ‘It’s only one game ffs’ was the response from the 98% of replies, or derision of other kinds.

It’s all very different today as we sift through the nightmare of losing the CL completely and having absolutely no confidence in our squad, with a few questions being asked of Stevie now too.

This is was we were terrified of – if it could swing away from us in 2011 overnight ‘thanks’ to one player getting injured, and it could swing away from Celtic over some months thanks to a wonderful purple patch at Ibrox, there was every reason it could swing back to them even quicker.

As things stand, deeply worryingly, Rangers are close to unravelling after a horror week of 3 losses in a row – as we said, the first time that’s happened since Stuart McCall at Fir Park.

Stevie appears to have no answers, the squad is on the floor, looks unfit and isn’t clicking. Defence is non-existent.

And all it took was one 6-0 thumping of Dundee for the previously hilarious Stavros regime to suddenly gain all the momentum.

We’re not saying it’s over, because, if you look closely at this article, it swings all the time and very quickly. Rangers could well get their act together and rediscover the old form, while it only takes a loss or draw or two for Celtic to lose the momentum they’ve now got.

But as things stand, it is far from good at Ibrox. Just 7 days, three losses, and suddenly Rangers are completely ragged and can’t win for love nor money.

These are worrying times, and all we can do is cross our fingers and pray the players and managers find a way out of this.

And fast.

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  1. It’s hard not to get totally down here. The financials at the club are in a poor way. There’s good board management , albeit the Cinch thing is confusing to say the least . But there is no real money at the bank. Our assets are the club Ibrox , Auchenhowie and perhaps 3 players of any substantial value ( dropped considerably by that garbage in the last three weeks ) . The rotten mob have cashed in on Ajer £12 Million and are touting Edward like a whore . We will need to do the same or we will have take drastic action let’s not pretend. Either we wait a week or 2 or we sell now . We also then need to start winning a lot . If anyone thinks I’m talking pish then please let me know.

    • Bang on Bill. There needs to be a partial compensation for loss of CL earnings. Even if we could get £12-15m for Kamara or Morelos it would help balance the books. We probably aren’t in a position to strengthen the squad without actually weakening the club financially unless we think we can get to the Europa last 16 or even 8 stages. I don’t understand the Cinch thing myself. We are sponsored by 32Red but were happy to back Ladbrokes sponsorship. Can’t have it both ways despite the Cinch deal being an awful one. Their investment over 5 years is pitiful. This season needs to be a double or treble winning one. Without the league we are going backwards and we can’t afford that.

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