“Buck up or buck out” – underperforming Gers testing patience

“Buck up or buck out” – underperforming Gers testing patience
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As regulars will have noticed, there was a lack of coverage yesterday over our Europa qualifying ‘triumph’ in Armenia, as Ibrox Noise sat back and relaxed for once and let it all happen.

But here we are back on the ball, which is more than we can say for the team last night.

If we have ever seen a European away performance with less heart, guts, quality and all round sparkle by a Rangers side ever, it’s erased itself from our minds.

This drab, pathetic, eye sore of a display was probably the worst European outing Rangers have had under Steven Gerrard, and the worst since Niederkorn.

At least the trip to Luxembourg our players did try, they just looked completely lost under that manager and that system. Jordan Rossiter was in midfield, for God sake.

But this, despite all the Covid stuff leading up to this one, there was more than enough on the pitch to produce a display, and what we got was a disgrace.

We’re not going to butter this up, we’re not going to insult your intelligence, this performance was sh*t. It wasn’t just the quality, it was the effort.

We lost count of the number of times our players walked and looked like they literally didn’t care. Zero intensity, zero quality, zero effort, and for the first time an entire XI who borderline shamed the shirt.

The only ones who came close to pass marks were again Joe Aribo who did try to make things happen, and managed a couple of shots off the woodwork, and Nathan Patterson who got behind enemy lines a few times. Filip Helander was also a bit more at it and saved one sure goal.

But the rest?

Goodness. We’re not even going to analyse it.

The only positive we can take from that horrific night’s ‘work’ was that it got us through to today’s draw, and we now know who we face.

The other positive, if we really push it, is Celtic are actually atrocious, and their defence is abysmal. It just hadn’t been exposed by the might of Dundee and St Mirren.#

But after last night, if our players show up with that completely gash lack of interest, we’re on the end of a hounding this weekend.

Buck up or buck out.

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  1. Patterson was decent going forward but pretty poor at the back and got caught out too many times considering the opposition! – Hellander was the only defender worth anything yesterday who actually put himself into everything. Goldson simply plays like an under 18s too much these days to warrant any praise. As sharp as a dull spoon.

  2. Couldn’t agree more… I even found myself getting annoyed at Davis… Patterson made a lot of good runs in behind and when he got the pass he put some cracking balls into the box but Davis kept going towards Barasic… who offered absolutely nothing all game and who I think has sealed his place as back up to Bassey. Morelos missing 2/3 absolute sitters and goldson let a ball run through which nearly cost a goal. I commented on a previous post about Malmö and how you guys thought they used there experience to beat us… this has shown that we could/should have been able to get to the champs league and it’s not teams that have beaten us it’s us who have let ourselves down.

    Anyway bring on Sunday what could possibly go wrong?

  3. PS: I’m done with Morelos. His attitude is stinking the club up. He lacks a strikers quality and a deftness of touch and finish. His goal in the first leg was lucky. He hit it as hard as he could straight at the goalie and it just happened to go through his legs. I’m fairly sure his goal at Ross County was a mishit fluke. I’ve “played the game” talking him up to £15-20m but he is nowhere near that value. He’s £5m at most and any manager paying more will be risking his job.

  4. It was awful , the worst ever in Europe Progress apart. As bad as Dundee It’d. Agree to those criticized Paterson looked ring rusty , he’s still better all round than Tav tho. . Morelos poor not focussed or on it at all Goldson FFS how many times is that lad going to expose us , he’s so poor. We’re through that’s it . Onwards

  5. Not looking forward to Sundays game at Ibrox,

    After hearing that the referee for the game is none other than Kevin Clancy,

    What’s the betting of Alfredo Morelos lasting the full 90 minutes Clancy is the most important guy in this game because his decisions will determine the outcome of the game.

    They all know that a full packed Ibrox will be crucial to the outcome of the game and the 12th man to the Gers team so the Scottish FA have given that lot across the city a chance by naming a referee who is so biased towards Alfredo and the Gers team.

    Hopefully I am proved wrong but my view is Clancy should be no were near Ibrox.

    My opinion. Cmon the Gers !

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