SNP anti-Rangers hypocrisy latest as Ibrox fumes

SNP anti-Rangers hypocrisy latest as Ibrox fumes
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, fan during the UEFA WEURO 2017 Group D group stage match between England and Scotland at the Galgenwaard Stadium on July 19, 2017 in Utrecht, The Netherlands Women: England v Scotland UEFA WEURO 2017 2017/2018 xVIxVIxImagesx/xTomxBodexMultimediaxIVx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY 8264324 Scottish First Ministers Nicola Sturgeon supporter during The UEFA 2017 Group D Group Stage Match between England and Scotland AT The Galgenwaard Stage ON July 19 2017 in Utrecht The Netherlands Women England v Scotland UEFA 2017 2017 2018 xVIxVIxImagesx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY

The government are once again under pressure after allowing Celtic a near-20K crowd for their home friendly with West Ham following only consenting to 8,000 at Ibrox v Brighton and 12K for Real.

Rangers are rightly stunned by this hypocrisy, and if ever there was evidence of uneven handling of Celtic issues by comparison with Rangers’ this would be it.

We know and have known for some time that the SNP government in Scotland is anti-Rangers – they have made that clear in everything but explicit terms, with clear bias against the club from the likes of James Dornan, Humza Yousaf and of course Sturgeon herself, so this latest development is of no surprise at all.

We allowed ourselves to briefly believe there was an attempt at parity some days ago when Rangers’ attendance for Brighton was to match Celtic’s home crowd v Midtjylland but normal service has resumed with this clear and flagrant abuse of governance and fairness.

We are not fans of going on about politics on this site, but sometimes they affect our club and we will always call out our enemies whether they’re SNP, SPFL, Labour, Monster Raving Looney Party or the YMCA.

And the SNP’s track record re: Rangers is decidedly dodgy at best.

So it needs exposing.

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  1. Apparently if we had another friendly at Ibrox prior to Brighton our games would have had figures more in line with what has been agreed with Celtic. Something to do with percentage increases per game. Utter nonsense in my opinion though.

      • “We’re stepping up how many people can be in stadiums match by match, starting at 50% of safe capacity, then 75%, then 100%.

        “We think this gives the right balance and allows Glasgow’s clubs to start moving towards normality.”

        Codswallop but it’s the reason GCC are giving for variances. Celtic have had a home game already at 50% of the current allowed capacity, Brighton is our first.

      • Possibly he means if we had more games at ibrox allowing us to prove the Covid risk assessment was robust, we could handle the larger numbers while ensuring current restrictions are met. Taking part in a friendly 250 miles away from Ibrox has no impact on our stadium management strategy.

  2. It’s the usual anti Rangers SNP green leaning wretches sitting pissing their tartan nickers at sticking it up us again. Twats. Only way to get at this at the ballot box , and boycott all Scottish games .

  3. No surprise from Rangers hating Glasgow City Council which is SNP controlled. Also the Labour opposition nearly all have season tickets for the piggery. so no chance of them coming to our assistance.
    No decisions are made without getting the ok from Edinburgh so it is ultimately Sturgeons call.
    The explanation is pure garbage and nothing but political spin.
    As long as this Rangers hating party are in power we will be treated like 2nd class citizens and too all Rangers supporters who vote for them shame on you

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