Shock reaction as Rangers announce Real Madrid friendly

Shock reaction as Rangers announce Real Madrid friendly
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Rangers today announced a stunning friendly with Los Blancos’ giants Real Madrid, with the fixture taking place at Ibrox in a couple of weeks.

But it’s the reaction to it that has really surprised and that’s what we’re looking at.

Rangers haven’t faced Real for nearly as long as a lifetime. 1963 was the last time we faced one another, and this clash is long overdue.

But it’s the response to it from fans of both sides that has been the most intriguing.

And tellingly, it’s the Madrid fans actually more excited about it than Rangers supporters have been.

The prospect of testing themselves against a top European team (their fans’ words, not ours) has really whetted their appetites and they’re genuinely excited.

Rangers fan response has been positive, but not AS thrilled – we’re pleased to have a big friendly at Ibrox, but supporters have been more filled with banter about megastars getting a good test against Real Madrid, or ‘easy win’.

We are definitely amused by the contrast here – even the distribution of the announcement tweet was initially equal before Real’s got more coverage, more excitement.

Rangers’ naturally got quite a few too, but not as high as Real’s.

What are we saying?

That times have changed so much that the giants of Spain and maybe the world are more excited about playing the Famous than vice versa gives some idea of how lucrative we are now…

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