Rangers pull off yet more lucrative deals in major cash injection

Rangers pull off yet more lucrative deals in major cash injection
Fashion Sakala unveils another partnership (Credit Rangers FC)

Commercial genius and marketing guru James Bisgrove has pulled off yet more sensational coups for Rangers with another three financial injections as a result of partnerships with Fridays, Vitality, and Forrest.

Adding these three sponsors to the incredible growing portfolio of associate companies and brands eager to be associated with the lucrative name of Rangers has further enhanced the club’s coffers and only strengthened our position with regards future endorsements.

And it’s all down to Bisgrove who, over the modest two years he’s been at the club, has secured countless partnerships with brands, big and small, demonstrating the variety and scope of appeal Rangers now have, plus his own genius at putting these deals together.

It’s no exaggeration to say he’s every inch as crucial as Ross Wilson and Steven Gerrard, in his own way, and his results of dozens and dozens of partnerships and deals since June 2019 speak for themselves.

All we can say is Bisgrove is integral to Rangers’ lucrative market appeal and operations, and he’s one we’ve got to hold onto.

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  1. We’ve not had someone like Bisgrove at the club ever. His awareness of building the Rangers brand is second to none. Long may he continue to raise us to the elite level we deserve to be.

  2. The club is in great hands these days both on and off the field , it’s a fabulous time to be a Ranger. Bisgrove is top drawer. The CL will finally balance our books and allow SG to invest further in the team . The next stage in our super evolving plans will be the SG exit plan and his replacement cause we know it will happen. .

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