Rangers new transfer policy exposed as Lundstram arrives

Rangers new transfer policy exposed as Lundstram arrives
His transfer fee was great.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ brilliant new strategy for the club’s signing policy was at its absolute best today as the club confirmed the absolutely stellar addition of John Lundstram following months of viral rumours and absolute radio silence from the club.

We have to deeply applaud the board and Ross Wilson for keeping this absolutely 100% in-house and keeping the ITK morons like your good chums at Ibrox Noise guessing.

The absolute airtight silence over this was simply wonderful – Rangers managed to keep the whole saga to nothing but ‘unsubstantiated’ rumours and despite the number of stories claiming this was a serious target and it would happen, no one from the club could or would even talk about him.

That’s what we want, and you know why?

The number of player Rangers go for and then find Celtic are after them too – the agents do all share the same markets so crossover is inevitable, but this example shows a player Celtic couldn’t get close to because Rangers did a stunning job of keeping it watertight.

We admit it, while we knew of the interest, we doubted its authenticity – we’re not going to give you the b*ll*cks line that we knew all along and couldn’t say (there have been many real instances of that in the past) – this is one that’s taken us totally by surprise.

And we love it.

Well done to Rangers and well done to the board. Brilliant work.

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