Rangers made pariahs as stars get overlooked

Rangers made pariahs as stars get overlooked
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A couple of regulars on Ibrox Noise, Bill B and Sparky, made the following comments, and we wanted to look into it in more detail:

“I hope I’m not looking at this with a distorted lense but I feel some sort of angle or reluctance/grudge against the Famous after the Kamara Racism …whilst they all spin the we support bullsh*t …I’m not sure, I hope I’m not wrong but Barasic definitely because of the Kudela disgrace …perhaps Morelos too ..the Scottish reluctance is down the Clarke wretch and his Rangers hatred.”

Bill B

“My interest in Scotland was only aroused when Nathan Patterson was announced in the squad. Until then, I was more interested in seeing how our boys fared for their national teams. Kamara, class as expected. Completely Lost interest in Scotland after watching O’Donnell clean out Christie. Christie, probs the worst player from last season on offer from Celtic, championship players starting with premiership players on the bench. Tierneys back, he’ll probs start him right back now n drop O’Donnell!
I’d seen the Croatia fans wanting Borna dropped, his manager comes out defends him and clarifies he’s the number one left back, squad announced next day no barisic!
Stay up to see how Morelos gets on for Colombia, Atalantas 30+ year old strikers get the nod off the bench before him.
At that point I was thinking, fck it big Fils still to play. End up with Lindelof at the back with Lustig(making an arse of hiself) and some unkown from China with Djugarden of Sweden the best level hes played at. I will watch Kamara cruise it agaisnt the Russians today, then that’ll be me until the England game. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, the Euros can go and take a big fck themselves!”


It sounds slightly paranoid, right? Maybe a little bit too tin foil hat…

But your chums on Ibrox Noise have also expressed some slightly similar viewpoints, maybe not as explicitly, but when you look at it more closely it starts to carry a little water.

Rangers have had 6 players called up for national team duty this summer:

Jon McLaughlin, Nathan Patterson, Filip Helander, Borna Barisic, Glen Kamara, and Alfredo Morelos.

Only a single one of these has managed a minute at their summer tournaments, and that’s the man who was the victim of the racism scandal. Europe was divided over it, with the bulk of the Eastern Bloc slaughtering him and defending Kudela, while Western Europe defended him religiously.

He is of course Finland’s best player and they stood completely behind him.

However, the rest seem, as Rangers players, to have been made pariahs.

Filip Helander, an outstanding defender and proven in quality, had just secured his place for Sweden and got the big call to play for his country this summer when a complete nobody from the Chinese Super League, Marcus Danielson, rated at about £500,000 market value and with just 7 caps, came from nowhere to steal Fil’s place.

Barisic got mysteriously ‘injured’ despite footage of him showing him to be fit and has now lost his place for Croatia.

Nathan Patterson hasn’t been given a chance, albeit we admit Stephen O’Donnell did a good turn v England. Doesn’t make him the better player though. This may be down to aforementioned Rangers hatred on the part of Clarke, but doesn’t exactly justify much.

And lastly Alfredo Morelos hasn’t had a look in for Colombia in South America.

Did the racism scandal in some way blacken Rangers’ name globally, and now national teams are deeply reluctant to touch our players?

Calling up is one thing, but getting to actually play is quite another, and the latter has been blanket denied every player who got the call from Ibrox bar Kamara.

We aren’t wearing a tin hat, and we’re not paranoid, but something has stopped players who would normally be regulars for their countries getting the nod any more.

And after two matches for all players’ countries, it starts to look stranger.

Maybe it’s just us…

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  1. Paranoid out your nuts lol, Helanders been injured a lot, the other CB took his place, Morelos has never been the number 1 striker for Columbia, Marshals been Scotlands number 1 a while now. Barasic injured.

    But i do agree Patterson should be our RB, but the idiot Scotland manager plays odonnell because of there killie connection , which is wrong.

  2. Thanks for indulging my thoughts it’s too linked up not to have some basis. Barasic NOT injured . Morelos completely dropped . Helander ok struggling for previous fitness but fit now but overlooked. I conceded that O Donnell was excellent against Scotland but Patterson is the future. Hopefully the Kudela thing will fade but we shall see in our CL qualifiers.

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