Billy Gilmour to Rangers latest as CL rumour hots up

Billy Gilmour to Rangers latest as CL rumour hots up
Billy Gilmour Chelsea of Scotland gives a thumb up at full time during the UEFA 2020 European Championship, EM, Europameisterschaft group match between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium, London, England on 18 June 2021. PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK Copyright: xMarkxHawkinsx PMI-4258-0112

Billy Gilmour as a loan deal to Rangers has gathered some pace in the past 24 hours, but Ibrox Noise find ourselves more baffled by the reasoning from a swathe of fans who don’t want the midfield maestro back.

Indeed, after our piece yesterday discussing Rangers’ abysmal record with youth players in the past decade, a lot of feedback centred on Gilmour himself and how he ‘wanted to leave’.

That, apparently, is vindication to a section of the support that he must never darken our doorstep again.

Which, naturally, doesn’t apply to Allan McGregor, Steven Davis and other stars who have returned and become icons again.

What does it matter if Gilmour DID want to leave? So what?

Gilmour isn’t just a class act, he’s a world class act – at just 20, this rising star of the world game just showed, to the whole football globe, how good he is on one of the biggest possible stages in the sport.

He outclassed England completely, and bossed the show entirely.

And yet some fans on their high horses would reject his return on any level because they reckon he wanted to leave?

We’re sure they’re campaigning for the exit of McGregor and Davis as we speak… probably not.

No the reality of the matter is Gilmour is better than anything Rangers have, which is of course no insult to our wonderful players – but the kid is another level.

If there is a way to bring him back, it’s something we cannot say no to.

Word is it could be possible, but only if Rangers secure group stage of the CL – and we think that’s fair.

Time will tell if we get him, and if we do, we how our fans aren’t too offended….

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  1. My only issue with the transfer is it’s a loan. In my opinion this season we should be looking to life beyond Davis. Gilmore is the perfect replacement but it would only be short term as the lad has a decent future out with Scotland. Still, if it can happen I very much doubt I’d be disappointed…just at the end chorus of the season when he returns to Chelsea.

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