New media attacks as Rangers men smear club

New media attacks as Rangers men smear club
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Gordon Smith, a supposed Rangers man, and his attack this morning on Rangers and Alfredo Morelos, is another example of one our former players and staff being negative towards the club and our players, while Craig Levein has stuck his oar in too and attacked Nathan Patterson.

This morning the press appear to have been given carte blanche to smear the club where they can, and today it’s Smith and Levein having their say, in a clear and sustained continuing attack on the club since 55 was awarded.

Smith has slagged off Morelos, calling him inconsistent and arguing Jermain Defoe is better and that Rangers should have accepted the ‘£18M bid’ (it was £16.5M) when we got it.

Meanwhile Patterson is a ‘lucky boy’ according to the Hearts man, despite absolutely no luck involved anywhere at all. Patterson is a talent and that’s what Steve Clarke’s call up is based on.

So yes, Thursday has seen a switch from political attacks to media ones and now people in the game having ‘their say’.

Let’s be clear – we do not condone what those moron ‘fans’ on Saturday did – they besmirched the club’s good name. But the political, media and football attacks since that day remind us of 2012, and another chance to kick Rangers given any opportunity at all.

And now it’s the turn of rolling out football people, including some of our own, to have a right good go as well.

We know what you’re doing…

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  1. I’m not sure what offence Gordon Smith has committed here. If you ask me I’ll happily tell you Morelos has been inconsistent this season and that I often wished we had accepted the £16.5m bid we had. In fact in December 2020 I would happily have taken £10m as his form plummeted. And there’s no doubt Jermaine Defoe is a better goal scorer. Been there, seen it, done it and still doing it.

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