History as yet another Rangers display goes global

History as yet another Rangers display goes global
Beyond stunning....

Most Rangers fans will know by now of the remarkable display the Dubai Loyal engineered on the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa last night.

The stunning tribute to 55, projected on the staggering sight that is the most remarkable piece of modern engineering in that part of the world, was marvelled at worldwide and Rangers as a club paid tribute to the fans who managed to organise this utterly unbelievable light show.

Ibrox Noise sources told us this was in the mix a few days ago, but due to legal reasons we were unable to go public on it – and there was, of course, the element of surprise, and not wanting to spoil it for the unsuspecting masses.

And in the end? What a display – as the club site put it, a world first, and it looked beyond remarkable.

The Khalifa is used for various purposes, the main one being to make Dubai look impressive, and in fairness it succeeds there, but the new year displays on the colossal structure are also eye-opening.

But we doubt Dubai or the rest of the world has ever seen anything like this.

Season 20/21 – a pioneering and historical Rangers season for so many reasons.

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