BBC with shock response to Rangers’ exit

BBC with shock response to Rangers’ exit
Bet he was nice about us....

In a further surprise development following last night’s disappointing cup exit, the BBC, usually so anxious to attack Rangers in every way they can, actually went easy over the loss to St Johnstone and didn’t saturate their airways with it.

We’re sure Sportscene (presented by ex-Ranger Steven Thompson these days) covered it ‘fairly’, but the actual broadcaster as a whole did not go defcom 15 in emblazoning it all over the place.

Is this is a subtle peace offering, a chance for the Beeb to show they could have embellished their platforms with our moment of pain but didn’t, in a small olive branch to all things Ibrox?

We couldn’t possibly say.

We’d expected Rangers’ exit to be plastered all over their every channel and possible stream at every opportunity, but surprisingly the coverage was infinitely more subtle.

While we’re abysmal in the cups, it’s worth bearing in mind Celtic have been as well this season, and Rangers remain the top team in the country by a mile.

The BBC appear to becoming more aware of this as each day passes, and it might not be so long before they actually cover Rangers fairly and impartially, like they’re supposed to.

Chance would be a fine thing?

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