Rangers order in ‘dial a booze’ as party cranks up

Rangers order in ‘dial a booze’ as party cranks up
A few swallies in among this lot we think....

Steven Gerrard and his triumphant Rangers were letting their hair more than down last night after an apparent ‘lock in’ with a ‘dial a booze’ arrived at Ibrox to let the Ibrox men enjoy their night amidst a 55th league title that is so close it tastes like champagne.

Rangers of course had a smooth win over St Mirren with a number of players having fine matches, and after full time, well aware the fans were outside, ran to the famous Ibrox Gates and celebrated, at a distance, of course, with the jubilant supporters.

They then returned and as you can see from the above, a few off licences got raided as the booze flowed indoors, and frankly we have no idea how long they may have stayed!

But they’ve thoroughly earned it – this has been 10 years in the making, and not even the stuffiest Rangers fan could deny our players and managers a night of exuberance with a drink or two.

Sure, the league is not quite secured, but it’s as good as, and only requires one more point or that Celtic slip, and we hope the lads enjoyed a well-earned night of getting as drunk as they felt the urge to get.

This stuff is happening for the first time in the lives of many young Bears, and the older vintage like yours truly and the staff on Ibrox Noise have waited a VERY long time to enjoy this again.

We sure as heck won’t stop our players making a night of it!

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