Allan McGregor to retire?

Allan McGregor to retire?
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stuart Wallace/BPI/Shutterstock 11804817cq Nicolae Stanciu of SK Slavia Prague scores the second goal 0-2 past Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor to make the tie 1-3 on aggregate Rangers v Slavia Prague, UEFA Europa League, Round Of 16, Second Leg, Football, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, UK - 18 Mar 2021

After Steven Davis’ well deserved if predictable new deal (more on that later), attention turns to someone else, someone with a big call to make….

Allan McGregor, as he now sees his 40th a little in the distance early next year, is absolutely 100% in the running for Player of the Year, both club and country.

While the first two thirds of his season were a little quiet, he was still excellent when needed – but his performances this calendar year have ramped up significantly, and ‘that’ save in Prague has gone down in folklore as one of the absolute best ever made in the game.

It was possibly better than his miracle stop in Bremen in 2008, and affirmed his place as arguably Rangers’ best-ever goalie alongside Goram.

But his deal expires this summer.

McGregor has a big call to make, as does the club.


Does he want to retire, going out on a stunning blaze of glory, having played a colossal role in bringing 55 home? He cannot possibly top that, can he? He wouldn’t want to outstay his time, possibly remaining a bit too long, and ending up as an understudy to someone like Wojciech Tomasz Szczęsny (right, Gigi?). But equally footballers have short careers, and you could understand him wanting to keep going till he simply can’t any more.


Do Rangers want to offer a-nearly 40-year old a new deal? He’s proven his quality time and time again, but financially speaking as brilliant as he is, the club will be thinking about value for money, and whether it’s worth promoting Robby McCrorie sometime in the near future. Or re-signing Liam Kelly. The club has to build for the future too, but then that didn’t stop them giving Davo a new deal.

Ultimately, the club is likely to offer McGregor a new deal – he’s addicted to this club and will play as long as he can. We don’t see retirement any time soon, and he frankly could last well into his 40s.

But, never say never – maybe a blaze of glory is best for him.

We’ll see what transpires.

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  1. If your good enough your old enough, same should apply if a player is on the opposite end of the scale. He’s definitely good enough and out performing players half his age. Rangers would be missing a trick not to give him a rolling contract,but on the other hand players get to certain age and decide they’ve had enough. I think the decision will ultimately lie with mcgregor.

  2. What can I say about a total legend . The Goalie MK2 without a doubt . Amazing a Total Ranger with Red White and True Blue blood. Another year yes please , however a plan at the back that too.

  3. McGregor has said himself that age is no barrier and as long as his body feels good, and it does, he will continue. As for any future replacement I saw Liam Kelly have a complete nightmare at the weekend and Robbie McCrorie hasn’t really been able to nail down a place at Livingston. Neither would fill me with confidence and I think our sights are much higher these days and players scrambling around mid table in the SPFL simply aren’t good enough.

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