Rangers’ board silence – Stevie G cannot be left on his own

Rangers’ board silence – Stevie G cannot be left on his own
It's hard to be critical....

Rangers’ board statement recently which rather weakly condemned Kemar Roofe’s punishment is the latest in a long line of ‘dignified silences’ which this board is starting to become very good at.

No one would question the business and football acumen of this Rangers regime, the board have done a stellar job of some of the appointments, particularly Ross Wilson and James Bisgrove who have quietly had as much impact as Steven Gerrard.

But when it comes to defending the club against the nonsense from the SFA and SPFL, we must say ever since the farce vote in which the board did make some comments, especially in defence of bullying accusations aimed at chairman Douglas Park, the comments from the suits over these punishments have been watery at best.

It’s instead been left to Steven Gerrard to exert his not inconsiderable influence in making some stabs at those in power, as opposed to the board doing it.

Is it Stevie’s job to give a rap to the hierarchy of the Scottish game?

Well he has right to his opinion, which most of us agree with, but he evidently shouldn’t be a lone soldier in this Rangers fight.

But it feels like he is the only one actually speaking out properly and with conviction – indeed, outright calling out the powers at Hampden and challenging them to improve.

Meanwhile the board sits pretty silent on this, all things considered.

Let’s not be unfair, we are where we are because of superb appointments by Dave King, then Douglas Park after him, so let’s not be harsh.

But the board can always improve, and making a few stronger objections to the dodgy treatment our club gets from the SFA et al would go a long way to showing the power Rangers have.

Let’s use it well.

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  1. I think th board have to watch what they say on this 1 i want to see th club fight it but at the same time everything we say is used against us and twisted by the press in a negative way so maybe there better dealing behind closed doors and out of th press… we all know Scottish football will bite it’s nose off to spite rangers anything we push for will be strongly fought back by everyone eles look at what went on this time last year rangers called foul play it was clear as day for everyone to see we all know dundee’s vote didn’t end up in a spam folder… rangers called for a investigation and we get laughed at by th powers tht be as they tell us they invetstgated it themselves and they done nothing wrong… compliance problems will be th same outcome if we go to public th press will jump all over us we have already seen how they defend it and th spfl will buckle and change nothing… our board should be face to face with th heads of our game with hard evidence with them to say we are not going to take this any more… watp 55 is coming guys if got my fireworks ready

  2. I have to agree with Mr McMillan that we keep our powder dry (and fireworks !) As he says the board should stay firmly above that urine gutter that is the SFucking A . They have done nothing to assist us in our cause . The whole thing is rotten. I would prefer us to keep our heads high and our cards close to our chest giving no opportunity to bias systems or press . WATP GSTQ

  3. What if the league had been a closer contest we need to get this sorted ,this has been a problem for as long a# i can remember,people inside the other team pulling the strings ,and members of there club in posisitions of authority and decision making on ruling reviews.

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