Dumb and Dumber as Neil Lennon finally quits

Dumb and Dumber as Neil Lennon finally quits
Celtic's Scottish head coach Neil Lennon gestures during the UEFA Europa League 1st round group H football match between Celtic and AC Milan at Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow, Scotland on October 22, 2020. (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE / POOL / AFP) (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

So, in some terrible news, Neil Lennon finally quit. Of course, you all know this, and the net has been on meltdown with the news, awash with banter.

To add to the Barrier and Banner Years engulfing Celtic, they’ve appointed John Kennedy as interim boss, which is kind of like replacing Dumb with Dumber.

But hey ho, whatever floats your boats, chaps.

The reality is though just how bad Neil Lennon always was as a manager.

He’s been a complete failure in all his years as boss.

Walter Smith completely destroyed him in 2010/2011, and Lennon won his first title against a Rangers falling into admin and having had a 15-point deduction.

Then he went to Bolton and managed a hilarious 22% win streak which might be one of the worst numbers we’ve seen.

Then he returned to Brendan Rodgers’ machine-like Celtic, literally couldn’t fail with no proper Rangers there (Steven Gerrard still finding his feet) and proceeded to win the title in 2019, before being voted the title in 2020.

Rangers, in 20/21, finally found their feet and completely humiliated Celtic and Lennon.

So, the reality is, he’s a complete and total managerial failure who has never won a title going toe to toe with anyone.

Now, we’re not horrible – we know he suffered grief as manager the past two months and it’s only human to sympathise with that, regardless of his own past conduct.

But as a manager, he’s a complete joke, and we’ve loved the last season of Celtic and he floundering.

Sadly, he’s resigned, and in time Celtic might actually appoint a manager, but for now the Barrier Years continue at Parkhead as Rangers close in inevitably on 55.

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  1. I am still laughing at this as all of the rotten mob crash and our fantastic superiority and fantastic unbeaten season so far continues, although not mentioned by that wretch McLaughlin on BBC , he would rather deliberate about their failures than praise us !!. Lenny couldn’t coach a hen oot a box lets be honest , and as you say replacing him with Kennedy temporary or otherwise is also a joke , but not surprising. I dont wish any ill to Lennon even given his distaste for all things Rangers , he has a family . Its been a True Rangers Persons Dream , we are brilliantly marching to 55 and Europe and they flounder on the bank like a dying fish along with boardroom rats deserting the ship , its hilarious .

  2. Sympathise, no no no. And when that fud Griffiths goes it will be dumb and dumber too. Anybody want to start a crowd fund to buy Lennon a parting gift. I thought about a tea set. Lots of cups there.

  3. Fuck the Lurgan ned, hope the rat never sets foot in Scotland again and no doubt Declan and Timothy will be burgling his house shortly like they did big Brenda’s

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