Celtic meltdown as Rangers get to within 6 points of 55

Celtic meltdown as Rangers get to within 6 points of 55
Nuff said....

After Neil Lennon’s Celtic capitulated yet again, Rangers are now just 6 points maximum from the title.

Just two wins are needed after Celtic fell to County (rock bottom of the table btw) as they have fallen to so many others this season, following Rangers’ fine win v Utd.

We are so close my friends, just a couple of weeks now from securing 55, and we could and will be very realistically champions on the 6th of March.

We are going to cover this in a disgusting level of detail over the coming weeks, but we doubt much you’ll mind just how much we cover FIFTY55FIFTY as it approaches.

Cheers for making it just a tiny bit easier on us County, not that we needed the help…

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  1. Ya fkn beauty lets start the party thats it😗😗😗🍾🍻🤸‍♀️,it must be,
    We’re doing the bouncy all over the world💪
    By fuck its great to be a Ranger WATP🇬🇧
    55 SECURED still in europe, a mean does it get any better friends

  2. Absolutely hilarious I love it. Those disrespectful wretches treated us with no respect , they deserve all they are getting ….Lololo Fuck yer TIAR bullshit Fuck yer bent 8-5* The Famous Light Blues back where they belong …Lenny must stay for ever lololol Onwards in glory to 55 🇬🇧WATP GSTQ

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