BBC Rangers hypocrisy exposed again

BBC Rangers hypocrisy exposed again
The 'scene of the crime'....

The BBC’s hypocrisy and ire with Rangers has been exposed again today after reporter Suzanne Allan demanded First Minister Nicola Sturgeon issue a ‘red card’ to Rangers.

The Pacific Quay hack was taking part in the daily coronavirus spiel as covered on all the networks, and her first comment was to use the First Minister’s ‘yellow card then red card’ statement from the autumn against her.

Of course, what we’re getting at here is that this was related to Celtic’s Bolingoli and his indiscretions, but we’ve had multiple violations since this including the Aberdeen 8 and Celtic’s Dubai shambles, but only now that Rangers are involved do the BBC demand ‘action’.

Once again, Pacific Quay unfairly and partially target Rangers, violating their own guidelines as they have since 2011 if not earlier, in frequently smiting Rangers and focusing more on what they can criticise and castigate at Ibrox.

The reality is they’re not fully wrong – Rangers’ players, if guilty, have indeed broken protocol and should be dealt with harshly to the full extent of all tools available, and we are in no way making excuses for an act which could put our season in jeopardy.

But equally we’re aware of the BBC’s bias against us, and we take with a pinch of salt things they say in regard to us.

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  1. Stv will have this story as their main headline the nite a six with big john mckay with his bright green tie on

  2. And they wonder why they are banned from Ibrox and given no access to players. A complete charlatan of an organisation and I would urge all bears to boycott all their platforms.

  3. Shocking green bias and Rangers hatred again once again they stick it in the Sports section on screen on radio with nothing to do with sport at all to slaughter the Famous . Disgraceful rotten bias. The whole country is sleep walking into a disaster by following the SNP Rangers hating shower and those that support it , the BBC at the top of that gang . Onwards 55

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