Party animals – what happens now for Rangers’ accused?

Party animals – what happens now for Rangers’ accused?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 17: Nathan Patterson of Rangers is seen making his competitive debut during the Scottish Cup fourth round match between Rangers and Stranraer FC at Ibrox Stadium on January 17, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As the world and his dog now knows, Calvin Bassey and Nathan Patterson plus Ciaran Dickson and Dapo Mebude are under investigation over an alleged Covid breach, the details of which you have now seen all over the press and we’re not going to go on about what they did.

What we will discuss is what happens now.

And that is simple – all four of them, loans or not, are finished at Ibrox.

If Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were exiled for this, don’t think these four will escape the club’s wrath.

The reality is this, AGAIN, could have cost us 55. Yes, it’s that serious.

Had any of them caught it, and passed it on, the whole squad would potentially be in quarantine and we’d be unable to fulfil our fixtures.

And that would give Celtic the green light to catch us up (assuming they keep winning) and overtake us.

Remember what happened when they were banned for two or three matches for similar? We gained a big lead, and while they floundered to win all of those games in hand, you just know ours would be adjudged 0-3 defeats all round instead.

So let’s not underestimate the impact here of what they’ve done, and what it could still mean.

Just like Jones and Edmundson they’ve put the club at serious jeopardy, and age is no excuse – we’ve all dealt with this crisis as best we can regardless of our age and ‘experience’.

In truth, while Patterson has potential, none of the four are a loss, particularly the rotten Calvin Bassey who was a complete error of a signing.

And don’t give me ‘your attacking one of our own’ nonsense – they stopped being one of our own when they put our club in such reckless danger.

So for us, while it’s an emotional reaction and time does heal (as it rather did for many fans with Jones and Edmundson) we doubt this clutch of players will get the same goodwill with us so close to 55.

We will be fascinated to see the club’s actions.

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  1. so disappointing to read this I seen it on here yesterday and was hoping it wasn’t true.. all young players I think we all had high hopes for Patterson iv heard the lad bleeds blue but if there guilty they will all get what they deserve such a disappointment… not even this sorry story will take th shine off the title run tho… watp …. mon I gers

  2. Kick them all out immediately. They know the rules. They don’t deserve to wear the jersey. How could they imagine they could get away with it. Put it to bed and get on with winning the league.

  3. We don’t need that kind of behaviour in our Rangers team…there are so many things we would all like to do , but, to protect others we would not do it…selfish behaviour Rangers can do without.

  4. Suspend them until the end of the season, fine them the maximum we are allowed to, then get what money we can for them in the summer. Don’t kick them out now. They might land on their feet and pick up a nice number somewhere else.

  5. looks like there is an issue given the time the investigation is taking. these players will be done at Ibrox, however we need to get what we can in transfer fees. the players that are behaving like this have no place at the famous, their loss.

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