SNP and BBC turn on Celtic as controversy deepens…

SNP and BBC turn on Celtic as controversy deepens…
Ignoring us again...

The pressure has turned up on Celtic today after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon weighed into the Dubai debate by condemning their behaviour and revealing it’s completely against all the guidelines and rules.

The Parkhead squad decided they were better than the rest of the country and took a bit of time off with a nice holiday in the sun, just as Joe and Jane Punter did their best to remain home and obey lockdown restrictions.

But Sturgeon didn’t hold back on her words about the Green shower taking a shower in the Middle East.

“For me, the question for Celtic is what is the purpose of them being there. I’ve seen comments from the club that it’s more for R&R than training. I’ve also seen photographs that would raise questions in my mind about whether everything that elite players in a bubble must comply with are being complied with.”

This is about as polite as a ‘wtf are they doing’ gets, and reveals the Holyrood boss is scathing of Lennon and co and there may be some serious recriminations when they return home.

Let’s face it, normally the SNP leader would usually sweep sweep this stuff, but as the tide turns against Celtic, the rats are clearly deserting the sinking ship and not only the SNP and co are attacking them, but the BBC are too.

It’s an interesting angle and we just cannot fathom what these idiots were thinking taking a holiday during these times.

It’s been a critical PR disaster for them, and just reminds us they really do think they’re above everyone else.

And now the FM and BBC (even McLaughlin of all people) are calling them out on it.

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  1. Should be demoted to 3rd division and fined! For this outrageous behavior
    They think they are above the LAW

  2. Contrary to the suggestion that the BBC’s chief Celtic reporter McLaughlin was having a go at his team my reading of what he said was the opposite. He said that the ‘the government’ (Toytown?) had sanctionned the jolly to Dubai whereas Fishlips Sturgeon clearly said it was not for her to get involved in that decision. More lies from the BBC so no change there then. It also appears that their game against Hibs was cancelled although the HIV ‘s objected. So who runs Scottish football?

  3. It’s totally obvious what’s going on . Totally against the rules , totally disrespectful , totally corrupted . It would be superb if they were severely punished for this disgraceful and blatant arrogance, along with the SPFuckingL . Sorry but it won’t happen no matter how many want it, or how many rules they broke . It’s rotten to the core. Be aware fellow Bears this what an Independent Scotland will be like , mark my words guys.

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