“Biggest match in a decade” – mammoth weekend for Rangers

“Biggest match in a decade” – mammoth weekend for Rangers
Stevie and the gang at Pittodrie

After Saturday’s monumental result at Ibrox, one can only conclude that had the game been played just a week earlier, the name “McGregor” might well have been added to the Queen’s new year’s honours list…twice even. We jest of course, but whilst beating a resurgent Celtic with arguably our worst performance of the season to open up a NINETEEN-point gap was huge, it’s all eyes on Pittodrie now for what could be the match that defines our season, and here’s why…

Historically, it’s always been our trickiest fixture and it’s no exaggeration to say that nobody seems to try harder to stop the blue bandwagon than Aberdeen. Immediately springing to mind is the dire 2-2 draw on a cold December midweek night in 2019, followed quickly by a frustrating 0-0 at Ibrox.

On the other hand, having got the job done up there on day one, we made light work of them back in November too, 4-0 going on 14-0. However they’re unbeaten in 7 matches since, and you can bet your last MyGers point that they’ll be extra fired up for this one.

The reason it’s so important though is to break a series of patterns. First and foremost, it’s the pattern of coming back off a big new year’s old firm win and slipping up early doors. Next, it’s to put an end to any sort of fear factor we have of going up there, another good display and most importantly achieving 6 points out of 6 from Pittodrie (9/9 against an in-form Aberdeen) should put that one to bed. Finally, it’s also important that we get back to our absolute free-flowing best and produce the kind of performance that we got pre-cup exit and for a while in Perth last month.

The thought of Lennon, Brown and co returning off their jollies in Dubai, sitting there, after-sun running out quicker than their title hopes, watching us ran rampant against Aberdeen and opening up a 22-point gap as their last remaining ounces of hope ebb away amid the earth shattering realisation – Rangers aren’t going to bottle anything this season and 55 is on its way.

Compare that with the image of us slipping up and them finding a last-minute winner against Hibs on Monday, all of a sudden, it goes from a 22-point mountain, to a 7-point lifeline for them.

So, you see, our trip to Aberdeen this Sunday, could literally be the biggest game we’ve played in the last 10 years. With Roofe, Arfield and Jack all sidelined, we’re looking at the likes of Hagi, Morelos and Aribo so step in and step up, and I think that’s exactly what they (and everyone else) will do.

Over to you lads, do us proud.

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  1. It’s laughable that since our cup exit in Paisley every game has been described as MASSIVE. But it’s true. This could be our biggest game in 10 years and will go towards a monumental moment in our already great history. It’s that important. I said after the St Mirren defeat we had 6 massive games to win before we should even talk about 55. We’ve won 5 and now NEED to win this to nip any thoughts of a Ceptic recovery in the bud. Believe me defeat at Pittodrie is probably their last hope. But we must play better than we have in recent games.

  2. There’s no doubt that the Sheep always try three times harder when the see the Famous Light Blues and the clogging dirty hammer chuckers they have in their ranks revel in kicking the hell out of us as they know the referees will give them carte blanche to do so. However that aside if we get it down and play we will beat them with class. I think young Itten should get a go at those donkeys at the back cause it could make him feel more confident . We will miss Jack and Arfield especially as they are the glue that keep us together, we missed them against the rotten mob . Arfields movement and goal threat too. Onwards 55.

  3. It’s also very important when you project ahead to games coming up before and after the split. As the top 6 stands now by the time the split comes around we will have played 4 of the other top 6 clubs away from home twice, i.e. Parkhead, Pittodrie, Easter Rd and Livingston’s astro. Dundee Utd would be the only top 6 club to have been to Ibrox twice meaning our 15 games against the top 6 resulted in just 6 home games. We are guaranteed Ceptic at Ibrox after the split and should be away to Dundee Utd. We should also have Aberdeen, Hibs and Livingston at home but we know that at least one of those games will have to be away which could mean a third visit to Pittodrie.
    Now compare that to Ceptic. At the split they will have played ALL the top 6 clubs at Parkhead twice. In other words 10 of the 15 games against the top 6 would have been played at home compared to our 6 home games. Now that should mean they would have to play ALL of their final 5 games away from home but we know by the rules that they will be given at least 2 of those games at home.
    Bottom line is that in the split we will have home games turned into away games and they will have away games turned into home games. Now tell me these fixtures are generated randomly.
    Of course you could argue that they couldn’t predict who would be in the top 6 but I think most would’ve predicted Rangers, Ceptic, Aberdeen and Hibs. Some might’ve thought Motherwell would be in there. Guess what? Up to the split we will also have played them twice at Fir Park whereas Ceptic will have played them twice at Parkhead.
    My point? We must win on Sunday and keep winning because we’re not going to get any help from anyone.

    • Fuck they bastards have it all worked out the corruption is unbelievable,thanks for the info Rob,geez unbeliavable these cunts,

    • Excellent inputs Robrob57 you’re spot as regards to the fixtures just look at our run in to this part of the season we get all away hard fixtures they get the cross. Not random just bent mate. No conspiracy theory just like the Dubai trip farse.

      • I remember complaining at our start to the season with visits to Pittodrie, Easter Rd and Fir Park in our first 4 games only to be told by OUR fans that it didn’t really matter because we had to play everyone eventually. Well there’s the proof that it DOES matter how and when these fixtures are allocated.

  4. We’ve got a hard January ahead but even my Shellick supporting mates have agreed to pay out if we win 3 out of 3. Hadn’t noticed how the post split fixtures would work but how they’ve thrown that up doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Just keep treating each game as a cup final until it’s mathematically impossible to catch us. Signs are good considering words from Borna regarding no celebrations after beating Celtic. Left that to us!!!

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