Rangers winning 55 at Parkhead

Rangers winning 55 at Parkhead
He knows how it feels....

There’s a lot of talk now about winning the title at Parkhead. That depending on results, we could mathematically clinch the trophy for the second time on our former rivals’ turf.

Of course, it needs them to match our results, which is about as likely now as them winning the title, or, even more absurdly, Shane Duffy defending well.

But do we actually want to win it there?

Honestly? Been there, done that, and it’s meaningless without timothy tears in the stadium crying like last time.

In short, what’s the point. There’ll be no fans to suffer it, no small band of Rangers fans to revel the moment up in the ground, so while in theory winning at Parkhead is sweet, it’s a lot lot less meaningful without their fans there to take the pain.

In truth, we just want it sown up ASAP.

Sure, it would be ‘nice’ to nail it at their place, but the sweetness isn’t there in the way it was in 99 when McCann’s finish made the home hordes melt with rage.

No, the sweetness, my fellow Bears and Bearettes, is watching them fall apart on their own, breaking every bad record in the book and us cracking new amazing ones all the time.

Whether the title is secured at Parkhead is irrelevant, just like Celtic are.

Winning it is all that matters.

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