Operation Null & Void underway following official document

Operation Null & Void underway following official document
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 22: Ian Maxwell is unveiled as the new Scottish FA Chief Executive at Hampden Park on May 22, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ian Maxwell’s letter of some days ago to Championship teams really was the first official sign of ‘Operation Null & Void’.

ONAV, as we’ll really catchily call it, is well and truly underway in Scotland, with not only Neil Lennon’s anti-Hamilton and St Johnstone rant, but that letter by the SFA CE to ask Championship clubs how they felt about axing the campaign.

The last time we went through a member clubs’ opinion on the matter, the season was declared there and then and Celtic were voted the champions.

And now Maxwell has enquired about how clubs in Scotland’s second tier would respond to a ‘suspension’ of the leagues, which is just a toe dip in the water to find a route to completely ending the campaign and denying Rangers the title.

One (unnamed) club has already made it clear to the SFA prior to that letter than they were very strongly in favour of the season being curtailed, and now with the boss writing to their peers to enquire on their feelings, ONAV is definitely in the air.

Yes, the word ‘suspension’ has been exclusively used, but how we can suspend the season with all the football potentially to be played this summer (not to mention the Olympics) is a complete logistic impossibility.

The backlog would be impossible to pick up, hence we believe ONAV is underway to try and find an easier way.

Of course, the crisis has just eked under a slight plateau the past week or two, with cases marginally slowing down, but it’s still a long way to go yet – and it’s possible football could quite safely continue.

But with Rangers a matter of weeks from 55, we can’t help feeling the powers that be are getting on with wrecking it.

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  1. The Hypocrisy of THAT lot is unbelievable, there is no level.they won’t stoop too to prevent us running away with it! If the scenario of ending the league early does appear, simply out we should be handed the title & awarded our Champions League spot there & then…..it was good enough for that shower of despicable cretins & as things stand we are ahead of them by more points than they where of us when they where gifted the championship….believe me, I don’t want this scenario to play out! I want us to win it on the park! But for the sake of the clubs long term financial stability we need that Champions League spot & that is imperative

  2. Rather than harping on about something that may not happen I’d rather be reading your take on Celtic being awarded an offside goal and Living being denied a stone wall penalty.If we had such benefactors the dark sides press would be in overdrive right now.

  3. I want no awards of asterisk bullshit non titles , I don’t wish to be associated with any beggar manipulated back door bullshit. We will win 55 cause we are the best , cause we cannot be beaten . I care not a fucking jot about that rotten mob they reap what they sowed along with the other fuckers that bladed us down to the 3rd Division . No Maxwell or Doncaster or any of those other people who disrespect us do it at your peril because WATP GSTQ . Null and Void I don’t ever think so.

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