How Steven Gerrard will feel winning 55

How Steven Gerrard will feel winning 55
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 04: Steven Gerrard shakes hands with Dave King as he is unveiled as the new manager of Rangers football Club at Ibrox Stadium on May 4, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Just how will Steven Gerrard feel winning 55?

In his third season as manager, how will it compare with winning the Champions League? Naturally, Gerrard won a tonne with Liverpool, but never the main prize, and that tragedy will go with him to his grave.

He did get, in his mature lifetime, to see his boyhood heroes lift the league, but not during his time there, and many suggested his winning 55 with Rangers would be his very own exorcism of that ghost.

In truth, yes, it is.

Gerrard never won the PL as player, and he may yet as manager, but winning 55 with Rangers he’d admit to anyone who’ll listen is up there with absolutely his finest achievements with his first love.

Liverpool are his blood, his team, his city – but he’s admitted Rangers are every inch his other team now, a man who only ever had one team. Now he has two.

For anyone who thinks Steven Gerrard isn’t one of us, he is. He might not have been born one of us, but what matters is that he is one now.


And for him, while he doesn’t have the history with the club you and I and the hundreds and thousands of us around the world do, he gets it, he knows it, he feels it, and the day we confirm 55 will be as proud a day in his life as any other he’s ever had.

He knows where this club has been, hell, he inherited a lot of it himself, and he’s dragged it not only back to the top, but with a modest budget, and the team is arguably as good as any Rangers team of the past.

Domestically it’s been ridiculous, and Europe wise it’s somehow been even better.

We can’t ever remember a Rangers team being this good on both fronts, not even under Walter, despite even 92/93 and Manchester. Those teams were incredible, but there’s something utterly brilliant about Gerrard’s.

We don’t hope for wins under Stevie, we expect them – even against great European sides.

We never had that kind of feeling under Walter – support, hope, and see what happens. But under Stevie we actually expect these performances and results.

And that’s down to our manager.

And he will feel it like the rest of us when we lift 55.

He might not have come from where we’ve all been the past 10 years, but he’s taken us where we’ve gone now.

And if you have any doubt how he will feel winning 55, he would tell you himself it’s one of if not the biggest achievements of his life.

Arise Sir Stevie.

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  1. He deserves all the credit in the world. I know that no Rangers manager of the past has ever been given as much time to turn things around but from day one in my eyes he seemed like a proper Rangers manager. When we were initially linked with him I was uninspired but that all changed with his first press conference and “Let’s Go”. The sooner we can push this over the line the better and focus on giving Europe a real go!

  2. Steven Gerrard is possibly the greatest English player of his generation and one of the best ever. To have him forever linked to our great club and for him to bring home an historic 55th title is a proud time for all of us. The fact that he is just as proud, and I have no doubt that he is, speaks volumes for our club. This is a monumental achievement coming just 9 years after the sad days of 2012. Others have got us this far but the improvement in 3 years is absolutely astounding. Thank you Stevie, to you and your team, from the bottom of my heart. You will forever be regarded as a Rangers legend.

  3. Echo all inputs here . SG will be a Rangers Legend for bringing us back where we belong . Winning the league 55 and the next opportunity 56, Europe Cups will set him in stone.

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