Doncaster steps up efforts to stop 55

Doncaster steps up efforts to stop 55
At it again....

In yet more ludicrous paymaster bending, SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster has refused to rule out null and void this season, saying only that he expects and hopes the season will complete under the current guidelines, but that he cannot reject null and void.

The dirty stinking hypocrisy of the man who bent over backwards to ensure a member vote awarded Celtic the title off the pitch now is eager to ensure that won’t happen with Rangers.

Of course, we don’t want a filthy vote to decide we’re the winners – we’re clearly going to do it on the pitch, but Doncaster’s statement is deeply concerning:

“The consequences of a void season are much more dramatic, partly because of the commercial contracts which underpin the game but at the moment there is no reason to believe the Premiership and Championship won’t be completed.”

A simple ‘there will be no null and void, as there wasn’t last season’ would suffice, but this season Doncaster only talks of the implications of one, refusing to actually say there won’t be one.

The desperation to stop 55 screams loudly every day.

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  1. I honestly believe this arsehole either has a real agenda , which could be true, about stopping Rangers or a try to get himself the bullet plan, probably also not believable . Or perhaps a real death wish ! Or as we all really suspect he’s a pissy licking bitch of green manipulation to stop us winning correctly and brilliantly 55 and give that pitiful hopeless repugnant rotten mob another go at 9-5*. If by any strange means this ever comes anywhere near to fruition then there will be an atomic reaction never seen in Scottish Football and in Scotland itself.

  2. It is amazing how many idiots there are in Scotland who would wilfully tamper with the natural flow of football. There is testing in place unlike last season, there is no problem or justification to talk about stoping the league.
    No other country in Europe is shooting it’s self in the foot like Scotland is once again. Why because of some idiot in the Daily record? Keith. A half dozen idiots in the SFA, SPFL , SNP.

    What a shambles these woeful governing bodies are.

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