“We wasted chances” – some Rangers fans rage…

“We wasted chances” – some Rangers fans rage…
This is what a migraine looks lilke.... (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

A lot of fan reaction about today’s result isn’t praise of the performance or score, it’s disappointment that Rangers didn’t put Killie away more lethally than we did.

And it’s true that after a fairly decent first half showing, performance dropped in the second and Killie stepped up.

They even had half chances to score.

But the fact some fans are criticising Rangers’ performance seems to completely miss the point and forget that this was absolutely 100% our bogey ground, with just two league wins in 9 years.

We said on this site going into this one that the performance didn’t matter, only the result – that a win was 100% critical however it came about.

And we have to say the response was unanimous agreement.

But here we are, 3 points later, a tough 90 minutes, with another clean sheet, and despite the fact we got what we came for, those fans are now complaining we didn’t play like Barca and wasted some chances.

Despite the fact we’ve dropped four points all season, have conceded just three and have scored more than anyone else in the league, this match proved Rangers aren’t good enough and we’re wasteful.

With all due respect, get a flipping grip of ourselves.

One minute ‘HUGE TEST MUST WIN’, then it’s ‘WE WEREN’T GOOD ENOUGH’ despite the fact we won, and in truth, deservedly.

We don’t know what some fans want?

Walter won tonnes of matches ugly, he ground out results and didn’t play well a lot of the time in securing the maximum points, and won leagues with it.

Now some fans, happy to say 3 points are all that matter, turn around at full time and whine the play wasn’t great and we wasted chances.

We find this hypocritical.

Either you want the win or you don’t. Not every performance will be silky and a comfy 3-0 win.

End of the day this is a results business and this team is getting the results pretty much every time.

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  1. Of course we want to win games 4 or 5 nil. Goal difference could end up playing a big part towards the end of the season. However, let’s be honest, 3 points in the bag was all that was required at Killie. Clean sheets will damn well help with goal difference too!

  2. Morons!!!! Forget beating Celtic… forget silky 3, 4, 5 nil wins at Ibrox. we’ve been achieving that the past 2 season. It’s games like this that win titles. A hard away ground to a well drilled team.

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