Rangers duo axed – won’t play for Rangers again

Rangers duo axed – won’t play for Rangers again
He's not happy.....

After Rangers’ statement confirming idiot pair Jordan Jones and George Edmundson have shamed the club by breaching cv guidelines, it’s evident both are now finished at Ibrox and will be farmed out in January.

There is simply no excuse for their disgraceful behaviour, and in a time where everyone is under the same restrictions and we must all work together to get out of this, Jones and Edmundson are no longer fit to wear the shirt and have no future at Ibrox.

There is no question both have a case to answer, and are both suspended pending internal investigation.

On the football side of it, both have been unfortunate in not getting the minutes they might have felt they ‘deserved’, but off the pitch all players must conduct themselves as true Rangers and with the dignity the club expects, and to flout the rules and go to a house party (or whatever it was) is absolutely irreprehensible.

Neither player will ever feature again as a Rangers player.


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  1. Totally unacceptable behaviour as a Rangers player, however I would hope some modicum of similar discipline as per other SPFuckingL Teams have dished , and some common sense too. Onwards 55

  2. Slightly harsh… I do feel they should be punished did but you have 2 young guys. Struggling possibly unfairly to get into the team. Foden, greenwood, Abraham, sancho, chillwell, Walker, Grealish and the Aberdeen 8 to name but a few have all had issues like this and are still proudly representing club and country after punishment. These guys are still human. It might motivate them more if they got the playing time they deserve. All we know is they held a private gathering. They may have been distancing during this gathering, people may have tested prior…. prob not but we don’t know the full ins and outs. It’s ok for us to chastise them for this but they are still only human.

  3. CVs an absolute joke, anyone you talk to knows this, but i do agree if theres rules in place the players need to follow them. A short ban is more than enough of a punishment, anything more is just daft. Edmundson will turn out a fine defender, to kick him out the club for socialising is crazy.

  4. No excuses they have soiled the name of are glorious club they we’re lucky to have got the chance to represent rangers and to let the club down good riddance.

  5. The fact that they have potentially put the club at risk means for me it’s a no brainer. Jones, this season, was already on a final warning for attitude and behaviour and although it had seemed he had seen the light has just now destroyed whatever career he had with us. The Fridge might be a bit luckier as its really a 1st offence for him. Regardless, the two of them should come out and apologise to the fans, the players and the gaffer for what is completely unacceptable behaviour.

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