Massive change in Scottish football as Whyte steps down

Massive change in Scottish football as Whyte steps down
She's at it again....

Scottish football was today shocked by the resignation of Compliance Officer Clare Whyte whose exit from the top discipline seat at Hampden appears to have coincided with Rangers’ restoration at the summit of the league, which really comes as little surprise when we think about it.

The controversial officer, who has or had a Parkhead season ticket, allegedly, has hardly struck us as the most impartial of employees, with a tonne of decisions last season which appeared to directly target Rangers, and a lot less so on Celtic.

And with Rangers now the best team in the country again and a slow restoration of our players in the national team, it almost looks to us like rats escaping a sinking ship as Whyte does a bit of a runner.

This is not to give the woman abuse – she’s still a person who doesn’t deserve any more than anyone else the vile slurs the Neanderthals have give her. Biased or not, misguided or not, conspiracy or no conspiracy, she was just a woman doing a job and we can’t condone the slander she got.

But the criticism of her performance was certainly valid, and it seems now she’s quit in face of a changing tide.

She won’t be missed.

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  1. I wonder who Uncle Petur will choose as his next Compliance Officer. Operation stop Rangers’ assault on 9.5 in a row will be in full flow.

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