SFA could be ready to stun Scottish football with surprise appointment

SFA could be ready to stun Scottish football with surprise appointment
Referee Hugh Dallas is pictured during a press conference by the referees of the Belgian Soccer Union, in Knokke-Heist, on January 11, 2014. AFP PHOTO BELGA KURT DESPLENTER Belgium Out (Photo credit should read KURT DESPLENTER/AFP via Getty Images)

The last 24 hours saw the ‘shock’ news that Compliance Officer Clare Whyte is step down, in a move which will delight the majority of Rangers supporters due to the way she seemingly ran her office.

The controversial chief of ‘police’ at the SFA did not make many friends at Ibrox, and indeed MD Stewart Robertson’s forked tongue in her direction 18+ months ago demonstrated just how partial the discipline department at Hampden appeared to be.

However, stunningly we’ve heard a bizarre claim, which may be true, that former ref Hugh Dallas, whose son Andrew is now an SPL whistler and in truth not a bad one at all, is set to replace her in the first occasion of someone who actually understands football rules and how to interpret them being placed in this position.

A tabloid on Monday came out with that claim, and it may have been since retracted, but the SFA could do their reputation a tonne of good if they place a genuine professional in that position.

Dallas was a decent and fair referee back in the day, and of course was the victim of the Old Firm shame game when that infamous coin struck him, so he wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

But of course there’s a conflict of interest – his son Andrew being a ref might hinder his performance a touch if any of his cases come up.

But then, equally, we’ve had a pro-Celtic office the past two years to follow on from another two so the odd bit of bias or conflict of interests seems par for the course these days.

No, Dallas would be a good choice if he was interested, and he has more fairness about him than any of his predecessors.

We’ll see if it pans out.

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