“I don’t know what to do” – football chief reveals the truth

“I don’t know what to do” – football chief reveals the truth
He's at it again.....

Further earlier to our laughs at Neil Doncaster’s latest dim-witted scheme being flung out with borderline aggression by member clubs, the CEO has now admitted, literally, that he doesn’t have a clue what to do next and is now sitting idly on his thumbs hoping for a spark of inspiration.

The beleaguered chief of the SPFL has committed failure after farce in his useless reign at the helm of the board, and this is as close as we’ll get to the man admitting he’s got no idea what he’s doing.

He said:

“It is very clear from the responses that there is no consensus, let alone the necessary majorities, for any decision to be taken now about how we might draw this season to a close if it becomes impracticable to complete all fixtures as a result of Covid 19 disruption.”


“They wouldn’t kowtow to our idiotic demands that we be able to give our friends Celtic the title by default.”

“Like everyone in the game, the board is keen to avoid the division and dispute caused when Scottish Government restrictions prompted by Covid-19 forced the curtailment of last season.”


“We looked even more moronic than usual with that one, and we’d like to avoid that again.”

“In light of the fast-changing nature of coronavirus restrictions, the board is seeking to ensure that the game is as well-prepared as it can be for any eventuality and the League is consulting regularly with all 42 member clubs. We have already carried out one such consultation exercise this season and the second, which we have just completed, is unlikely to be the last. In the interests of transparency, we expect that we’ll continue to monitor and publish the collective views of clubs as the season develops.”


“We have no idea what we’re doing, I have no idea what I’m doing and frankly I want my mummy.”

This really is the nearest we’ll get to the man paid £500,000 a year to run our game admitting he has no idea how to.

Nothing like money well spent huh?

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  1. Its funny that the 500k we pay that dimwit is exactly the amount that sky want if we finish the league early. The fact they spfl have had to take out a 5m loan to get thro this season is just moronic. Theres a good chance the league will go bankrupt by end of this season with all the debt its amassing. As you have said in other articles no1 wants to invest in this league and there is no way to pay back that loan so hence bankrupt. Whats your opion?

  2. The Mr Bean of Scottish Football. A total failure as a leader of our game, from day one, and a clown of a man. Soon even his puppet master, Lieswell, will run out of patience with him in his useful idiot role.

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