Exclusive: why Ryan Kent nearly ‘moved’ to Leeds

Exclusive: why Ryan Kent nearly ‘moved’ to Leeds
We need both at their best..... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ryan Kent’s return to form yesterday which saw an excellent assist and a goal not to mention his stellar work elsewhere was more than timely, it was predictable, and it revealed a potentially major fact about Kent and why he’s been a little below his best the past two or so months.

As we know, Kent was subject to major speculation this summer about a bid from Leeds, with the Elland Road giants submitting £8.5M rising to £10M. They were said to be returning with another attempt, but it didn’t happen.

But the speculation and stories persisted.

And there’s a very good reason for that:

Kent’s agent was the one trying to force that move through. Crown Football Ltd, his previous agent, sought a big payday with a shiny move for Kent to the PL, and he absolutely wasn’t interested. But from what we understand, the stories and rumours continued, because they were keen to get their slice of the transfer.

He certainly has ambition for the PL one day, but it wasn’t now and it wasn’t Leeds.

And the stories and speculation absolutely put him off his stride. His displays definitely dipped during that period.

Until, that is, he dumped that agent and switched to his own family, spearheaded by his colourful brother Casper (a bit of a cult hero with Rangers fans) who have now taken over his interests and left him to just enjoy his football at Ibrox.

Hey presto, Kent suddenly produces his best performance in many many weeks and looks right back to near his peak.

Clearly the stories linking him south eventually wore on him, the unsettling repetition of the Leeds link, and now that he’s ditched that agent, we imagine the links to other clubs will calm down a little.

They won’t completely go away, he’s a top class player in the prime of his career and in form again, but the Leeds line should start to fade.

And we can just enjoy him playing for the Famous.

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