Celtic’s shame gets worse amidst assaults

Celtic’s shame gets worse amidst assaults
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 29: Fans and Police are seen outside the stadium following the Betfred Cup match between Celtic and Ross County at Celtic Park on November 29, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

In Manchester 2008 a group of yobs purporting to be Rangers fans created havoc following our loss in the UEFA cup final.

It was a hard one to take, but on the day the better team rightly won. However that didn’t stop some morons misbehaving in our name and bringing shame on our great club.

12 year later, Celtic fans have gone further. Not only did they bring shame on their club by protesting violently, but police escorts were required to prevent the players and manager being physically assaulted.

Missiles were definitely thrown, and all manner of violence was stooped to in order to make their point.

And in the press’s defence, they have most definitely covered this incident accurately, shaming the club and its fans publicly, much like they did with us over a decade ago.

However, there’s a difference. Whoever these yobs in our colours were, they didn’t attack our own club. They behaved disgracefully and shamefully and wrecked part of Manchester City centre, yes, but they did not target Walter Smith, Barry Ferguson or any of our heroes.

It was frustration, yes, and it was shocking, yes, but it was not aimed at their own club.

Celtic just have to go one better. They just had to attack their own players, they just had to pelt missiles at them and the police and their manager.

This is something we don’t ever recall, even in our dark post-2012 days seeing Rangers fans ever do.

Protests, yes, outrage, yes, marches yes.

Assaulting our players? No.

Whoever these guys were, we’d like to give our eastern chums some ‘credit’ and say they weren’t ‘one of them’, but we couldn’t really tell you. The reality is they probably were.

But whoever it is, and whoever it’s against – it’s a game of football and to stoop this low in hurling missiles and trying to hurt your team physically?

Bang out of order.

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