UEFA single Rangers out for special praise, again

UEFA single Rangers out for special praise, again
They just love us these days..... (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

Can we now say it? Rangers are finally back amongst the top teams in Europe.

Last night there were 24 matches played, and amongst the 21 winners UEFA chose to summarise Day 1 night with the sentence

“Opening-night wins for AC Milan, Arsenal, Rangers and Spurs”

No, they did not mention Bayer Leverkusen, AS Roma, Benfica, or Leicester (or Celtic).

They included Rangers amongst their short-list of top teams, once again plugging our fine club.

Even in America, everyone (who follows football) is talking about Rangers this morning.

In Australia they simply called it the greatest strike of all time, and even the heavy financial newspapers in The Netherlands covered it.

Yeh, we’re going to blow our own trumpet here, and say we did “predict” the appearance of a swimming pool in this game, (we were the only site to have mentioned water in the build-up) but never did we predict we would score a goal from our own half!

Today, I think the team deserves a whole lot of praise.

From where we once were, to the point we can now easily predict a win, in a very tough venue, is nothing short of miraculous.

This team now has the core to mix it with the top teams from the top four leagues.

We already regularly play the Champions League level competition.

The next step is to dominate these matches for 90 minutes, just like we do at home.

To all the Rangers staff, thank you!

Keep working hard guys, and keep the ball moving.

Rangers have now banked €5,387,170, for our efforts this year, and Rangers are now ranked 69th in Europe.

If we have progress from this group, next year we will be closing in on Portugal for 6th place in the European coefficients.

Not bad…

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  1. Can anyone help me here, when do we get automatic group stage champs lge place/places? also do we get automatic europa lge places ? For 3rd/4th placed in SPL. To make out lge cup more interesting i think we should allocate a euro spot to the winners of tht if we get extra places.

  2. Only 68th. Who the hell are the 67 teams above us with a better record in the last 3 seasons. 36 matches and only 5 defeats is outstanding (then think of games like Young Boys and CSKA that we should never have lost!)

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