UEFA single out Rangers for special praise

UEFA single out Rangers for special praise
UEFA host Pedro Pinto speaks prior to the UEFA Europa League football cup's round of 16 draw ceremony in Nyon on February 28, 2020. (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

Uefa bigwig Pedro Pinto singled out Rangers for special praise today after he called Steven Gerrard’s men ‘talented’ during the UEL live draw for the group stage.

Speaking after pots 1 and 2 had been drawn, Pinto glossed over all the teams in pot 3, except Rangers, namedropping the Ibrox men specifically as a talented team, before the draw continued.

There’s no doubt Steven Gerrard has shaken Rangers’ reputation in Europe up – from fallen giants and the altercations with Uefa over fan chants and all that nonsense of yesteryear, Europe’s governing body and other teams are now reserving real credit for Rangers and what our manager has done.

Another convincing win against serious opposition last night helped the case further, and the Govan side are now being exalted among the best.

There’s little doubt Rangers are a pot 2 team these days, in all but co-efficient – we’ve matched and bested the best, and the authorities recognise it now.

Maybe we’ll move onto ‘multi-talented’ as well soon.

Let’s go.

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  1. I agree 100%with what you have said and look forward to the day when the BEARS lift the cup on the way to the top.

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