There is a LOT riding on the visit of Livi…

There is a LOT riding on the visit of Livi…
Stevie will expect 100% tomorrow.

It’s easy to think the game tomorrow is not as important as the European matches and beating Celtic, but tomorrow is in many ways even more important.

Tomorrow we see if the players keep their heads, and realise the need to work, or they become lazy and think they are so good they can walk around the park.

In the Rangers team we have two players who can offset speed with sheer vision and those are Aribo & Hagi.

In football, at the very top level, you only need the opponent to give you one second on the ball and a goal will be scored.

Both our AMs can offset their slower speed by threading clever balls into positions that give our attacking players that split second.

In so many ways, tomorrow is actually more important than the last two matches we played.

Tomorrow we need to put down a marker. A statement.

Tomorrow, more than anything, our players have to work their socks off and blow Livingston out of the park.

And one thing we do not want to see is the Prima Donna effect, where last year we saw at least 6 players after new year and European attainment decide it was the job of others to run around.

Being blunt, a draw tomorrow will be just as bad as a loss.

It will give the Celtic team hope.

It’s still October.

No trophies have been handed out.

But this is the time when trophies are lost.

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  1. We now know we can beat them but your right it’s the next round of fixtures starting with livi to go on a run against the rest of the leauge.

  2. Absolutely agree. These are the games that will cost us if we don’t win the league. I don’t have a problem with facing Ceptic but genuinely believe we could beat them 3 of the 4 games and STILL not win the league because of games like this.

  3. If we lose tomorrow then the septic win was a waste of time,all or nothing for the 55,but i cant see anybody stopping this Rangers team too strong and the firepower on the bench is awesome
    Come on the famous lets go!

  4. I’m more than sure all of the concerns and potential drops in performance will be totally scrutinised by SG and his coaches . This title is totally significant for lots of reasons obviously including stopping 9-5 * Onwards 55

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