Did Roofe’s goal just earn Rangers millions?

Did Roofe’s goal just earn Rangers millions?
LIEGE, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 22: The Rangers team celebrate victory following the UEFA Europa League Group D stage match between Standard Liege and Rangers at Stade Maurice Dufrasne on October 22, 2020 in Liege, Belgium. Standard Liege are allowing a limited number of spectators to be in attendance as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are eased. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

In a fantastic night for Rangers, which sets us up for the next European match, there was one thing that few noticed, or have mentioned.

Sponsors 32 Red will have smiles as long as the River Clyde this week, because their name will forever be linked to that goal, and that has major implications commercially.

All this free publicity surrounding Roofe’s wonder strike makes Rangers a very valuable brand.

And if we can get two wins in the next two matches it will be very easy to attract big sponsors.

In this modern age, sponsorship deals are what you can make of them.

From official football boot partners, to money brought in from computer games, it all adds up and it makes it possible for the largest teams to survive, and thrive in difficult times.

Unlike the SFA, who couldn’t be trusted to sell a cv cure, Rangers have a team who knows how the world works, and if they can bring in several million in advertising rights, partnerships, and any other trick they know, it can only help strengthen our team further.

Being blunt, no one cares about Celtic. They had an all you could eat buffet and they became fat and lazy. Being Fat and Lazy does not sell.

Rangers, on the other hand, are the fairytale.

A team that had to rebuild, that struggled to rise from the bottom of the pyramid, and in just 9 years we (the fans) can say we created a team that now generates fear.

Because, if it was not for us (the fans) Rangers would never have recovered, and if it was not for us following Rangers through weeks of rain and snow, Rangers would never have piqued Gerrard’s interest and made him consider being our manager.

This win last night felt different. It was not Rangers’ best game, even though it will always be remembered for Roofe’s amazing goal; but it felt that finally, Rangers are now being noticed.

I think we can be blunt and say this win was created not just by the players on the park.

It was created by everyone who supports and is directly involved in Rangers.

This was a win by Rangers, for Rangers. And the brands and sponsors now see Rangers even more lucratively than they did before.

OK, we have not won anything yet, but it now feels like it’s only a matter of time.

Our opponents in Scotland cannot be lucky every single time, and there are only so many times the refs can throw a game Celtic’s way by giving them offside goals.

This year, if our players keep their heads and they realise they still have to do the hard work I feel we’ll get our first major trophy since 2011.

I think we can all agree. It’s time to complete The Journey.

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  1. The Roofe goal will be shown all over the world and Castore and other sponsors surely can’t believe their luck. In fact Castore can’t possibly have understood what they have signed up to. Rangers will launch their business into the stratosphere. Our Commercial Dept should be all over this.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Over the years since 2012 we’ve had some terrible times, especially when I grew up spoiled by teams that consistently won domestically. However, in the 3 years Stevie has been in charge its been a gradual improvement each year, and I’m glad I’m one that was in the ISWT camp. He’ll still make mistakes, but even the greatest managers of all time have done so from time to time. His stature and desire, along with our incredible support, has helped make us a team to fear again. Make no mistake, no one wants to draw us in Europe, and Scottish teams now know that we have depth. No more seeing a team sheet missing Helander, Jack, Morelos or others and thinking they’ll have it easier. Bring on 55.

  3. Excellent posts today , I’m quite emotional about all things Rangers at the moment. We were all there in the bad times. We will win 55 if we keep focussed and ruthlessness that is needed. WATP For Ever

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