Staggering Allan McGregor stat is literally unbelievable

Staggering Allan McGregor stat is literally unbelievable
McGregor actually getting to do something..... (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

If there some stats almost as remarkable as Rangers’ last three opponents only getting a single shot on target between the lot of them it is the numbers Allan McGregor has actually had to deal with between Celtic, Livi and Standard.

We’ll simplify it for you:

McGregor has had to make all of 3 claims between all three matches – so, a 50/50 ball in the box in which he was available to take, he managed 3 of them. Only needed to come into slight action under duress 3 times.

Then we have the saves, which does follow on from the shots:

Yes, McGregor has had to make one save in all of 270 minutes of football.

If we’d been told two weeks ago that McGregor would only need to make a single save in the next three matches combined, we’d have wondered how on earth that was possible, and dismissed it for the nonsense it was.

But it wasn’t.

Rangers’ defence has been absolutely watertight, and it’s spared McGregor from needing to do much at all.

In all honesty, as welcome as Rangers’ form is, our poor goalie must be absolutely bored by now.

McGregor isn’t being tested, isn’t getting to do anything of note, and while that’s great for our defence, he’s out of practice.

Of course, we exaggerate. McGregor could sleep for four matches and still be ready to make a pearling world class save out of nowhere. His concentration remains top class despite his non-use.

But yes, one save, three claims needed between Celtic, Liege and Livi.

Have you ever heard of the likes?

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  1. It’s an insane start but one that we should look at with a hint of caution. In those games the opposition didn’t test our keeper with their best chance. Lobbed over at Parkhead, under the boot in Leige and off the post vs Livi. We do seem to still be making some slight errors, but so far this season the opposition haven’t taken them. I’m not knocking this defence as the numbers all season have been remarkable, just a note of caution that McGregor is still gonna have to make some worldies due to a lapse in concentration at the back if we’re to take 55.

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