Real & unexpected danger awaits Steven Gerrard and Rangers this weekend

Real & unexpected danger awaits Steven Gerrard and Rangers this weekend
This is what a migraine looks lilke.... (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

If there’s been one consistency over Rangers’ wonderful recent run, stretching back all the way to the dropped points at Hibs, it’s been a subtle one and not one a lot of fans would have picked up on.

Rangers’ fine form has been consistently on real pitches.

From Parkhead, to our home, to Belgium, all the grounds we’ve played on have been natural.

That all changes this Sunday when Rangers travel to Kilmarnock to grace the plastic pitch for the first time since dropping points at Livi.

True, we got all 3 on Hamilton’s artificial surface in August, but this latest run of good form has taken the club up a substantial level and the last thing we want is coming unstuck from it on a dodgy 3G pitch.

There’s no denying it’s unfit for purpose, and shouldn’t be allowed in any European top flight football division – that our league allows it is beyond comical.

But it’s got the better of Celtic too in the past, and it’s absolutely indescribably critical that Rangers get through Sunday in one piece and just get the three points.

To hell with the display, if it’s good on this awful pitch that’s a bonus – but the primary goal on astroturf simply has to be 3 points and no injuries.

It’s a definite change in climate for Rangers, even if they waded knee high in rain water last Thursday, fake grass is the worst for a professional football to try to ply their trade on and that it’s now outlawed in Scotland is just typical for the abysmally-run football nation we are.

Getting in excuses early? No – we won’t blame the pitch if we lose or draw. Just like we wouldn’t blame or benefit from the weather either.

But there are mitigating circumstances here and this surface must be approached with caution. If not peril.

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