Sky Sports appears to write off Rangers’ title chances…

Sky Sports appears to write off Rangers’ title chances…
Apparently they don't rate us....

Sky Sports recently reported something very interestingly indeed, and we wanted to have a look at exactly how they put this.

As we know, and indeed as we’ve been telling you for months, Scotland gained a second CL spot – UEFA have now confirmed that, but it’s been the case for months.

However, the way Sky Sports went about sharing the official announcement was of great interest:

“Rangers received a major boost this week after UEFA confirmed Scotland will have two spots in the Champions League qualifying round next season.”

On the face of it, it seems reasonable. We will have two, correct?

But of course, the wording here is that Rangers are expected to finish second, and now second gets a CL spot.

Regardless of this season’s performances, regardless of our European achievements, or even the odds situation, regardless indeed of the table, Sky Sports have effectively written Rangers off and implied Celtic will still get the automatic CL qualifying spot as champions, with Rangers now to benefit from the second one.

No notion at all that Rangers might actually win the title, and it’s ‘Scotland who benefits’ or indeed Celtic who might from that second slot.

No, the broadcaster clearly thinks Celtic will win the league, going by that wording – and we’ll just have to use that as dressing room reading material for the players to encourage them of how the media still continues to write them off.

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  1. No one likes us we don’t care. Just gotta prove we’ve got what it takes. Keep up our current performances and we’ll stroll to this league. Tomorrow will show us how far we’ve come if we can take 3 points from what has been a horrible place to visit over the last few years.

  2. This is typical of that broadcaster BT are not much better , It’s a good job Coisty and Boydy are on the team cause they have a green bias it makes you spew listening to Walker and Crocker talk of the ‘bent champions ‘ They’ll all have to bow at our feet soon . Onwards 55

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