Sinister SPFL anti-Rangers scheme must be stopped

Sinister SPFL anti-Rangers scheme must be stopped
He's at it again.....

As we discussed earlier, the SPFL proposal to effectively secure 9.5IAR and deny Rangers 55 is well underway.

CE Neil Doncaster has already engaged in discussion with member clubs about allocating the SPFL board executive powers to cease the season and decide for themselves who wins.

Yes, that’s right, the board themselves would make the decision, and if they want Celtic to win the title, Celtic win the title.

That is what they are asking member clubs to consent to.

We are actually lost for words by the astonishing brass neck of a board which is literally concocting a scheme that will completely invalidate the SPL (even worse than it already is) forever if this utterly preposterous motion is carried.

The day sporting attainment is formally ‘agreed’ in a boardroom and not on the playing surface… has sadly already come thanks to last season’s farce vote.

But now the SPFL are trying to secure the right to bypass a vote, to wield for themselves the power to decide the outcome.

It’s… beyond brazen, it’s hysterical, it’s completely corrupt, and it’s only surfaced since Rangers surpassed Celtic.

It’s become clear Rangers are now tangible favourites for the title this season, and that would violate Peter Lawell’s desperation to secure a phoney 10.

So what to do? Let’s rig the league, period, so that if Rangers do look like winning, we can just invoke this executive clause and curtail the campaign, and find some way of awarding it to Celtic instead.

That is effectively what is happening here, and if we thought our powers-that-be were already a tad corrupt, we’d clearly seen nothing yet.

Not only did they force Dundee to vote a particular way via bribes they didn’t actually honour, but now they want to overrule the need to even ask the clubs in the future.

The SPFL and indeed SFA are beyond ludicrous.

But this is downright sinister.

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  1. as long as we stay top we should be fine right ?
    even the jokers tht run this league wouldn’t be as brass as to give it to the team in 2nd at th time it’s halted ?? … I’m not a massive fan of this para phase we seem to be in as a fan base even though I’m guilty of it myself…. it’s more of a ceptic thing to be cheated n never beaten fairly… remember 3 in a row with no dough it was all about refs being against them n th sfa n now they are struggling abit refs are all against us is starting to creep out of them again…. we need to avoid tht kind of paranoia if we can I know it’s a struggle the way things are atm

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