Neil Doncaster tries to prevent 55? Ridiculous new proposal

Neil Doncaster tries to prevent 55? Ridiculous new proposal
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 11: Neil Doncaster, the CEO of the Scottish Premier League, talks during the Leaders In Sport conference at Stamford Bridge on October 11, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Neil Doncaster and co have begun proceedings into trying to avert a Rangers title win, it has emerged.

The SPFL chief executive has initiated procedures into persuading Scottish clubs to back a proposal giving the executive exclusive power to halt the league and choose their own placings, should crisis hit.

This ridiculous and insane proposal can only have one purpose – to deny Rangers the title if at all possible.

The notes state that once again instead of declaring a season void, it would instead go based on results and current placings, but of course knowing the SPFL and their mechanisms, the board would find some way of securing Celtic their phoney 9.5IAR as they did last season with 8.5.

We’re not sure why they, unlike all other governing bodies, want to hold these kind of borderline totalitarian powers, having their own executive order to decide placings on their own, without being held accountable.

Hopefully the clubs they’re discussing this with will throw these proposals out the window and allow this season to play out on sporting merit.

Anything else just violates Sporting Integrity…

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  1. Ive always said it, since i first seen Doncaster i said i dont trust that guy. Theres just something about him that i dont trust he talks like a dodgy door to door salesmen, and he has a face tht you cant trust either. Hes also useless at his job. Who actually employs him ? Whos his boss anyone know ? He gives himself wage rises and stuff like the dodgy bankers that run our world. But how did get into his position and run our game. I would literally like to see anyone into his job position apart from him.

  2. Doncaster your an embarrassment to Scottish football time you went back where you came from you would get hung drawn and quartered down south your just the local village idiot

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