Media farce after latest anti-Rangers attack

Media farce after latest anti-Rangers attack
Such negativity....

The day before a massive EL match crops up, and not only do the media have us getting gubbed by Sensational Standard, but they wheeled out Davie Provan to create mischief too by claiming there are ‘trust’ issues in the Rangers camp.

We can’t help laughing at the timing of all these negative stories – Rangers are in the best place we’ve been for years, we’re top of the table and frankly strolled to the EL group stage again.

So our glorious media spins it negatively and tries to find Celtic people with which to beat us with a stick.

Make no mistake, they are genuinely worried about Rangers, far more worried than they were the past two seasons when we looked half decent.

The difference both times was we didn’t have squads of high enough quality – this one really is a far better group of players, which despite having three men technically unavailable still has an embarrassment of riches to choose from.

That bench on Saturday was almost absurdly well equipped.

Are we being arrogant – no, we can just see how good Rangers are now, and we hope we can sustain that the whole season.

But for the press to slag us off and big up Liege while wheeling out Provan to argue there’s trust issues in the camp just smacks of the usual anti-Rangers piffle which always seems to surface either before Old Firm day or before a European match.

But we’ve been here before, and we’ll be here again.

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