Idiocy exposed as ex-Celt attacks Ryan Kent & Rangers

Idiocy exposed as ex-Celt attacks Ryan Kent & Rangers
One the manager won't sell. Not a chance... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The latest nonsense from former Celtic player Kris Commons is absolutely playing to the galleries and explains why the Sky pundit is now a former Sky pundit having been booted to touch while Kris Boyd was kept on.

The former midfielder slagged off Ryan Kent and Rangers as never getting an England call up while he’s at Ibrox, contradicting himself of only nine months ago when he claimed Celtic’s Fraser Forster should be England’s number one keeper.

As we reported before, we agree Forster is a fine goalie, and his club and league had nothing to do with why he got called up – he got called up because he’s good enough.

For a pundit to agree with this but then claim Kent, who is good enough for a call up sometime in the medium term, couldn’t get a call up because he plays for Rangers is some of the most idiotic anti-Rangers garbage we’ve heard for a long time and gives even more reason why he lost his job with Sky.

Pundits are paid for their opinion, we get that, but to be inconsistent and hypocritical in his job is definitely going to be exposed – he’s paid for tight, consistent views, which make sense and tally nicely with his comments elsewhere.

And this one certainly does not and exposes his hatred for Rangers.

No wonder Sky bumped him.

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