‘Assault’ – scandal in SFA as more Rangers are attacked

‘Assault’ – scandal in SFA as more Rangers are attacked
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers receives medical treatment during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Dundee United at Ibrox Stadium on September 12, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise’s Derek has put out more than one piece on this, but evidently no one who ‘matters’ has been listening – while it’s been a period of time since the last assault on Rangers, clearly Dundee United’s attempt at maiming as many players of an Ibrox persuasion as possible was facilitated by referee Kevin Clancy’s disgraceful lack of protection on the home players, and the man in black let an astonishing amount go.

We’ll get to the Morelos incident in a second, but well before then, Ryan Kent nearly found his achilles torn in two following a disgusting stud-rake down the back by, we believe it was Luke Bolton.

The Rangers star limped about a bit for a while but managed to get back to playing fitness and the perpetrator can consider himself fortunate Rangers’ wing-wizard made as little fuss as he did about it.

Not that otherwise would have made any difference, as we then saw with the despicable ‘tackle’ on Alfredo Morelos.

Utd’s Ryan Edward’s mistimed his challenge horrendously, but that’s as much excuse as we can give him.

His studs aimed squarely for Morelos’ thigh and the Colombian had to be stretchered off in agony. There was no visible blood but there was an apparent indent or hole in his leg, and Edwards had clearly intended to hurt the striker.

It was a shocking assault, and reminiscent of Simpson on Durrant all those years ago.

And the worst part – Clancy ignored it. He appeared to just view it as, as they say in F1, a ‘racing incident’ when it was anything but.

These kinds of moments are why players get away with rough treatment on Rangers players.

Our lads are not wimps – no one is going to suggest Morelos is a weed. Maybe Nathan Oduwa wasn’t the toughest back in the day, but Morelos most certainly isn’t a flyweight.

But he too was slain by this kind of despicable and cowardly act.

Will it go to Clare Whyte the Compliance Officer?

We expect it to. Regardless of her alleged ties to Parkhead, her job is to punish when incidents like these are brought to her attention.

We expect retrospective action.

Because we’ve lost a player to this, a player who was needed.

And the more it goes unpunished, the more we’ll lose.

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  1. Good article and very true but since rangers demise to the lower divisions the hatred for the club coming back has resulted in clubs being allowed to get away with dirty tactics and the media attacks on rangers escalate out of control SFA and SPFL are yard with the same brush they will make sure Celtic get title this year no matter what last years give them it was an example the power is with Celtic in both those establishments

  2. This was a disgrace again the system run by the whole rotten mob led are always different in their dealings with all things Rangers . Edwards meant to do what he did, no question is was a straight red. As the game progressed examples of Clancy’s bias and shocking performance was evident. Pawlett hauled Barker by the jersey (I think ) and felled him with no punishment, minutes later Barasic was booked for a nothing foul .I hope that so called compliance person does do something , it should include Clancy’s failure to deal with it too. If you watched the Bias BC Sport scene last night Stewart that wretch , dismissed SG’s comments about what if it was the other way round as enough ,is enough it’s about Morelos !!!! Bastard

  3. This is difficult to believe in 2020 how awful the Scottish refs are, ignoring a clear assault on Morelos from a hammer thrower who deserved 2 red cards.

    Plastic pitches , corrupt SPFL % SFA, dodgy 3rd rate cannon fodder Clancy. I can only with that Jack pulls out of the Scotland squad and they get thumped. A country deserves nothing at International level if they can’t apply the rules at domestic level.

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